December 2015 had some interesting dreams

This last month of the year has been filled with more vivid dreams than any month I can recall. I started emailing them to myself first thing after I wake up.

Some highlights…

  • Repo’ing a car with Brian (a friend from High School) at my Grandmother’s former home, someone lifting the car like superman and me getting shot at and bitten by a snake as we drive away through the lawn at a Phish concert.

  • Getting married to Kate again, but this time on a cruise-ship air-ship hybrid while flying over Australia. I forgot to write my vows and I’m writing them DURING the ceremony! She threatens to feed me to the Sarlacc who lives in the sand below us. Of course there’s a Sarlacc in Australia.

  • Learning how to teleport-commute to work or school. This was helpful because I was both in high school and had my current full-time job at the same time. Results sometimes vary on the teleport-commute including showing up to a sprint demo in pajamas. At least our Scrum master got a good laugh and didn’t make me do the demo that day.

  • Hanging out with a friend from High School… I go to wash my hands before dinner and instead of water, the faucet flows with kool-aid and cheese. As I’m sitting down to eat, the friend’s Mom asks me, “Would you put the cow away before dinner?” I have no idea what this means, but I was concerned about the cow trying to cross the highway, so I did, and came back to cold dinner.

  • Buying a beach house on the outer banks in a fire-sale as a hurricane bears down on it. Tim is trying to talk me out of it, but I can be stubborn. I’m paying with a treasure chest of dubloons that I found buried in a cemetery with a headstone reading “Capt’n Ballance – 1685-1735” etched on it. I had been following a treasure map I found on Ocracoke Island several years ago in an abandoned gas station called “Ballance Oil” (this place actually exists)

  • Walking to lunch at work when a girl on a bicycle is knocked off the bike in a construction area by an excavator’s arm. She’s fine but is late to an interview uptown. Of course Wilson and I show her the secret underground tunnel under Latta Arcade and she makes it to her interview on time, sans bicycle.